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@Who We Are?
*Professional Aluminum Supplier from China
*20yrs+ experience in Aluminum Industry
*Extra technical background from Auto Industry and Commercial Vehicle Industry

@Our Products:
*Aluminum Flat Rolled Products from 1xxx to 8xxx, focusing on 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx used in automotive, commercial vehicles, shipbuilding and air cargo ULDs and aircraft galleys etc.
*Aluminum Extrusions
*Aluminum Forgings

@Our Facilities:
*Headquarter in Shanghai
*Warehouse in Wuxi
*Fabrication Center in Wuxi

@Our Core Value:
*Customer Satisfaction
*Stable & Reliable Product Source
*Strategic Cooperation with to Top 5 Chinese Aluminum Mills
*Products Know-How

@Our Downstream Markets:
*AVIATION+ Aerospace
*Commercial Transportation
*Shipbuilding+Offshore Engineering
*Military Industry
*Consumer Electronics
*Building and Construction

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      • Company Name:
      • Shanghai Global Aluminum Co., Ltd
      • Business Type:
      • Main Products:
      • AUTOMOTIVE SHEET (TS16949) 6016/6111/6451 T4 5182 O/H111 5052 O/H111/H32 5042/5754/5454 O/H111/H22 , ALUMINUM QUENCHED SHEET(IRIS, AS9100C) 6013/6061/6081 O/T4/T6 2024/2017A/2124/2524 O/T3/T8 7021/7075/7175/7475 O/T4/T6/T73/T74/T76 , ALUMINUM QUENCHED PLATE(IRIS,AS9100C,TS16949) 6061/6082/7075 T651 2024/2124/2524 T351/T451/T851 7075/7175/7475 T7351 7050/7175/7475 T7451 7010/7499/7055 T7651 , ALUMINUM PLATE FOR ROAD TANKER(TUV-SUD PED4.3, AD2000WO) 5083/5182 O/H111 5454 O/H111/H32 , SHIPBUILDING PLATE(DNVGL, LR, ABS) 5086/5083/5059 H321/H116 5083/5086/5754 H114 , Polished Aluminum Sheet with Mirror Surface of Various Aluminum Alloys
      • Address:
      • Yuanda Building, Changshou Road 360#, Putuo District,Shanghai, China
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      • Contact Person:
      • Anna Young
      • Department:
      • Exp.&Imp. Manager
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      • Tel:
      • 0086-15802191256
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